Calling a girl "pretty" "hot" "sexy" "beautiful" "gorgeous" etc. what's the difference?

My last boyfriend always called me beautiful and it made me feel, well, beautiful. The go-to word for the current guy I'm seeing? Sexy. It's better than him saying nothing, I know, but it doesn't give me the same heart-dropping feeling as some other compliments I've received. Does he just think about sex when he looks at me? Sexy is... I don't know, it feels weird.

What makes you call a girl which word?


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  • Pretty- she's not a 10/10 but she has something about her that catches my eye.

    Hot - aesthetically attractive

    Sexy - physically attractive, both racially and body-wise, also takes into account mannerisms.

    Beautiful - very attractive facially with a lovely personality to match

    Gorgeous - not quite a beautiful, close though, but with an appearance of youth.

    As for your boyfriend, he finds you very attractive. Take comfort in that. If it troubles you then confront him about it and if he gives a damn he'll change to using "beautiful" etc.

  • Generally, I find that these particular words do send a strong message to your partner and really are an indication of your intentions with him/her.

    Hot/sexy (when not used in the heat of the moment) is kinda an indication that the guy only has one thing on his mind when he's with you.

    Beautiful/gorgeous/pretty is what I would say to a girl I'm interested in having a serious, long-term relationship with. For me, it shows that I'm interested in a lot more than just looks.


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