Going out to a club, what clothing do you wear?

My new girlfriend wants to go out to a club with some of our friends, what kind of clothes should I wear? I know she usually get's dressed up and looking good. Kind of pants? shirt? shoes?


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  • You can switch up the style once you get more acclimated but you can't go wrong with a button up shirt (polo, guess, etc.). Jeans, just make sure they are tailored somewhat stylish, Levi 501s are a staple and aren't really cheap.

    If you aren't really up on the shoe game just get some chucks, they are cheap and give you that rock and roll look.

    Its a very simple guide but you can't go wrong with any of it.

  • It's the environment which really dictates the general area of wardrobe that is socially acceptable - unacceptable meaning you start getting random people looking at you and wondering if you are out of place because of what you are wearing. But if the place isn't too bad of a hole, suiting up (ditch the tie maybe) usually works pretty well because it frames you as a established and refined sort of a guy.

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