Do you like to date a girl for personailty or for looks?

I like more personality over looks , she has to look good to have good personality in my opinion :) any advice?


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  • I have to be attracted to her. That's all. She doesn't have to be a super-model, nor the hottest girl in the city. She doesn't have to have a C-D cup, or be super-skinny. I'm not really picky when it comes to looks. Without trying too much, I see at least 10 girls every day that I'm attracted to. The only thing that matters after that is their personality.

    But I'd never pick someone with a good personality, to whom I weren't attracted to. What separates guys like me from a LOT of others, though, is that I don't start chasing after another girl just because she's hotter than the one I'm with. That's what shallow people do.


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  • well obviously both would be nice but if just one I would probably have to go with looks, not trying to be shallow but I need to be attractive to somone for anything to start but if I'm good friends with her and attraction comes later due to her personality and connection, well then that's different

  • A lot of ugly girls have issues...

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