I have major dark circles does anybody know how to get rid of them

i have tried everything creams are to expensive cold spoons only work a little bit it doesn't matter if I get a good sleep or not I always have dark circles and they really bother me because people look at your face and the last thing I want them to see is my dark circles but somedays its the first thing everybody sees


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  • some people just have them depending on the nationality or having very thin skin under the eyes where it will just have that. I used to not have them but was using one of those micro derma home kits. where I was using them under the eyes too. I don't think I should have because now I have some dark circles. people try to say its because I am on the computer too long. but I get enough sleep and they stay there all the time now. but you can take a look at this link

    it may have some good tips that may work for you.


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  • Here is a link to an exact same question I answered. It's very extensive. So if you really want to get rid of the dark circles. Check out the link below.


  • i have the same problem.my brother had them as well, but he grew out of it. (not too sure if that happens to just everybody/anybody). you can eat broccoli! lol.it's supposed to help

  • well dark circles are supposed to be visible veins or something like that

    and theyre hereditary unfortunately

    but I'm sure that there are organic creams that help

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