my boyfriend is sending me mixed messages?

So I've been a relationship with this guy for over two years. We are no doing long distance for the year as I"m still in college.

He has been very weird on the phone lately. He has been busy with the two jobs he has. Its sounds like he is mad at me a lot and he gets mad whenever I call him about "silly things" like when I buy a new pair of shoes or I get a bad grade on an quiz. but yet he can call me about alllll kinds of stuff from having a headache to he's just bored.

Since he has been so moody I've asked him if everything was alright and he said "yea why do you ask?" I feel like something is wrong and while he says things are fine I'm not quite sure that they are.


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  • your at a point in the relationship where you're both acting hot/cold to each other...try phasing things to get back on track...don't read too much into it, but recognize it and take a step back before talking...if one of you is cold, the other needs to stay hot, or at least be warm and vice versa


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