Two toned hair at home?

I want to put black undertones in my hair. I have brown hair. But I don't have the money to go to a salon. Any girls have advice on how I could do this at home and make it still look good?

I just want a change.


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  • Careful using colour hair dyes if it is your first time doing it. Make sure to read the instructions properly and do things like the patch test, which is just a precaution in case you are allergic to the chemicals in the hair dye. Getting a friend to assist isn't such a bad idea either, especially if you have long hair.


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  • yes put the hair you DONT want to die into a pony tale..

    then the hair you want died down

    its easyer having a friend do it to you!..

    ive done it before it will turn out good :D

    good luck :D