Guys, what do you find most attractive in a girl?

I am asking about both appearance and personality here.

And what do you find most unattractive?

Just want to know what you think! :)


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  • Sexually attractive, for me it's obviously boobs.

    Just attractive, I'd say hairstyle. A girl with a nice hair and/or hairstyle will make me not care about her boobs any day.

    Personality... I like it when a girl is curious. One who wants to know what I'm thinking about, what I think about, and my opinions on any random subject she might be thinking about. I'm still looking for one, though.


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  • SMILE :)

  • Personally, the boobs is the most attractive part of the body. It is very unattractive when girls wear a lot of makeup. It's cool when they wear just enough to let guys knwo they like them

    Personality wise, I like it when girls are passionate about what they do. They know what they want to do and love doing what they do whether it be for a cause or just participating in an extracurricular activity in high school or college. Obviously, It is very unattractive when girs are very snotty and rude to anybody.


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  • Obviously having all of the appropriate female bits,healthy skin,healthy hair,nice smile.

    Personality?hahaha,joke,yea they care