Would long hair look good on me ?

just wondering


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  • For you, shaggy hair YES (and you have great color hair as well :) , but I don't think long hair would suite you, but I can't be sure unless I see you with a whig or sth... haha


    - link

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    ...but PLEASE, if you're going to grow out your hair into a shaggy style, DON'T make it into an 'emo-my fringe is stuck to my forehead' look...it's just annoying and unattractive...xD -Zac Efron for example...so gay and utterly unattractive... haha

    Okay...hope I helped



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  • it looks fine the way it does now and depends how long your talking about? like a messy shaggy hair then yea but to your shoulders NOOOO

  • I don't even have to look at you and I can tell you "NO!"

    Unless you're a hippie, a gangster or a junkie then don't go there

    • What about the shaggy look ?


      If you would see me on the street, only my looks could tell you if I'm a hippie, you wouldn't know A thing about my personal background. junkie or gangster. So basically, would I look good as a gangster, junkie or hippie ?

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    • Thanks a lot for the insight :D. I understand what you are trying to say now.

      I usually cut my hair short like in the third and forth pics of my profile. Lately I grew it longer, but having this copper color makes it difficult to choose a color

      PS: I had to cut off the goatee for some pics I had to take for official documents and I didn't had the goatee on my ID card lol

    • Sorry when you said "long" I assumed you meant pony-tail long...did you mean that long? I like your hair in your last profile photo. I think you should let it grow enough so you can spike it up with hair gel sometimes.

      I like the colour! it suits you and now that I think about it I don't think the gottee is that bad...keep it :)

  • Looking "good" in long hair, on a guy, is in the eye of the beholder. I think you would look good with long hair, but I'm fine with guys with long hair. 99% of my girlfriends would say you wouldn't look good with long hair because they don't like guys with long hair. And you're going to get different responses with long hair: depending on your clothing style, people are going to assume certain things about you. When a guy has long hair I would say there's a 30% chance he's a metal-loving video-game-playing nerd, a 50% chance he's a stoner, a 10% chance he's a surfer, a 35% chance he's an arty, sensitive hippie type, and a 90% chance that he doesn't have an office job (i.e. a well-paying job). Pretty frequently he doesn't care about current trends or what other people think. I'm not saying there's anything wrong with any of that! We're not in the 70s anymore unfortunately.


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