How can I make a girlfriend?

i am a chinese guy who study in a uni of beijing,and i want to make a girlfriend from america.i have a dream:one day i will drive to the cleanest place of china---tibet.and i also want to live a pieceful life in southwesten of's my hometown :yunnan dali ! it's very hard to find a girl who is willing to live this life with me.but i will still be hopeful!because i want to change my life style,i don't want do it like most chinese it very hard to come ture? i am lack of nothing,but a very person! i am still waiting,and never give it up.i will support everything her like with all i have:love.freedom belief land fortunes. god bless me!


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  • I don't know if a girl would ever go back to living with China with you, because of how much more difficult it is to live in China.

    • yes. maybe you are right!but i have no choice.what you said is thoughtful!

    • Well, unless she is a study abroad student from China like you, maybe..

  • i'll trade you an american girl for a chinese girl

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