What are good questions or topics to talk about after introducing your self to a Femalestranger

i have never been successful in talking to a women I don't know

because maybe I lack confident

or I'm the shy type due to past expirence

and hi I'm (yourname)

is all I can think of for a intro

whats something I can talk about besides the surounding

and the fact that I'm not just out there looking for a girlfriend or a friend cause I'm lonely and new to this place but I like to be out haha


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  • Girls like compliments...

    Say something nice about her...

    Compliment her hair...

    Her shoes maybe... Or her clothes...

    If you make her feel beautiful or special you just might have a chance with her...

    • Compliments are good thanks il try that some time haha

What Guys Said 1

  • "A food way to start a conversation is to say something like, "What's your favorite color?"...A good way to end a conversation is to say, "What's your favorite color...person?""--Demetri Martin

    But on a serious note, I don't think there's really a set way to start a conversation. If it seems forced then it'll turn into a awkward situation. If you ask her the standard, run of the mill questions, then she'll get bored. The best thing you can do is comment on something that is going on around you all.

    Last Friday I was waiting in line to pay for gas. A girl got in line behind me and it sounded like she was struggling with something. I turned around and she had a 24 pack of brews so I said, "Looks like you're in for a fun night. Can I have some?" She laughed and said she was taking it home. So I just kept the conversation going and joked with her asking if she was going to drink all that alone. When my buddy and me turned around, she kept talking to us asking where we were going.

    So yeah, I could give you examples like that from personal experience. They really do make for the best, natural conversations.

    • Cool so surounding enviroments and talking about life then

    • Yeah, those types of conversations flow the best. Coming out of nowhere with off the wall or untwisted topic won't get you a very interesting response.