How to forget a woman?

I saw a woman in a bus few times and can't get her out of my head. I can't even look at other women, they are not even a bit as beautiful as her. It's unlikely that I see her again, what to do? How could I start liking others?


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  • Dude, I have been in your shoes quite a few times.

    The best way out is to check out your options.

    1. Board the bus everyday at the same time to see if she's there = insanity.

    2. Be practical and think.

    What are the chances that you could meet her again?

    If you do, what are the chances that she might be interested in you?

    What are the chances of her already seeing someone?

    Well, I'm sure if she's as beautiful as you said she is, she probably is seeing someone!

    Add up all of this and the probability of you both getting together works out in decimals!

    So, be practical and move on.. You can just hope that you meet someone as beautiful as she is. and now you know, that the next time you do come across such a gorgeous lady, don't just stand there! Do something!

    Good luck!

    • I think probability of meeting someone as beautiful as her is much lower. Once in 20 years or so. :D

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  • Try get her outta your brain nd mind,go catch some fun with other gurls,try and knw them more and be more close them,and they might have better personalities than d woman you saw and don't even knw her,.u dnt knw d people around you until you get 2 knw them more and they might turn out 2 be d ones that will make you happy and fun filled being around with them...

    • It is possible to have a good time with people that you didn't like at first. Those are called friends. But with a woman this won't work.

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    • No. why? I'm just saying it's possible to become friens with someone you don't like. Didn't you fight or at least don't like some of your friends before you became friends?

    • At least you dnt v 2 fight,Well I kinda admit dat..

  • You won't ever forget her but over time you will find yourself attracted to another woman. It will just happen.