Girls, what qualities of a guy like this are off putting?

I'm pretty much describing me here and I'm not fishing for compliments and I understand every girl is different but I'm just curious if there's specific qualities of myself that women don't like and what not.

-I'm a "nice guy" opposite of bad boy.

-I'm a video game geek

-I'm a stay at home kind of guy.

-I don't drink, smoke, and not really one for going out too much.

-I'm a bit overweight, like 230 or so.

-I have a bit of weird fetishes/preferences but if I was dating you I'd like you for you not your looks

-I'd never cheat nor would I forgive it

-I'm pretty OCD and a neat freak. I hate when people touch my things without asking or when my stuff is out of alignment.

-I love animals, I have to hug/kiss my dog at least once if I see her.

-I'm not into sports or most "guy" things. I have my fair share of testosterone but I'm more of a quiet shy kind of guy

-I'm a bit clumsy

-I like humor and usually am silly.

I guess I could go on but those are the main ones I guess? Like I said I'm not trying to put myself out there or anything (I am posting anon) I'm just wondering if there are any particular qualities that most women would find offputting. I know who I am and I'm not going to change just to please someone but once again just curious


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  • I'll tackle what I think of each one for you ;)

    -Nice guy: I don't even think about dating "bad boys"

    -Video game geek: How much? You need to play at least every day to please me...

    -Stay at home: Me too, so that doesn't bother me!

    -No drinking/smoking: Thank you!

    -Bit overweight: This part would worry me a little bit, not because I'm worried about looks but because I have a lot of problems and need to be on special diets (no gluten, low lactose and acidic acids), so I need a health conscious kind of guy or a guy who'd be willing to change :)

    -Fetishes/preferences: as long as this isn't anything too hardcore I think I could live with it

    -Never cheat and wouldn't forgive it: Good for you! So long as you can forgive minor things, like...I don't know, forgetfulness or something

    -OCD/neat freak: I'm a little OCD too but I'm also super curious and fidgety, so if a guy got too mad at me about that I don't think we'd work out, but if we got along I'd try to contain myself as best I could :)

    -Animals: That's great! Animals rock! I do the same with my pets!

    -Not into sports: Meh, I prefer guys who aren't into sports as I'm not either, so long as they don't mind my history as a dancer ;)

    -Clumsy: I laugh at clumsy people not to be mean but because I'm clumsy too so whatever they just did I've probably done as well!

    -Humor and silliness: Perfect! Most girls love a guy who can make them laugh! For me personally it depends on the humor, I'm not that big into "dirty" humor, but just about anything else I'll laugh at lol

    Hope that helped? ^_^


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  • It depends how much time you spend playing video games. Like if you play them all day everyday, then yeah it would be a turn off. But if its only a few times a week or even an hour or less a day, its fine. The fact that you are a neat freak is a little off putting just because I would want to feel comfortable hanging out at your place and not feel like I am messing up your stuff. The overweight thing could be offputting but that depends as well. Is it mostly muscle or flab? How tall are you? You seem to be a really nice guy and everyone has something about them that is offputting and I wouldn't recommend changing.

    PS. I love what you do with your dog! I'm the exact same way with mine.

    • Mostly agreeing with her. However, I personally find it a turn off if the guy is known to be shy yet an extreme gamer. How often do you hang out with friends? Are you one that goes out of their way to ask a girl to hang out or do you wait around for something to happen. Sometimes it's not about who you are, but what you're doing.

  • Nothing too bad, but I would say that the most off putting would be staying in all the time. I do like to stay in, but I think it would be good to go out every so often. But that isn't a big deal, I mean I'm sure if two people were in a relationship, they would develop a balance that works for both people.

  • i say there is some 1 for every 1 you sound a nice guy to me if you want a girl friend you need to start hugging and kissing girls like to be close and feel loved neat is good better than being not neat goes down well with woman animal lovers are good hearted people the only thing I can see is maybe your life style keep active little exercise mind and body your life style is good try get out 1ns a day go to the gym or make your bedroom a gym and go to the pin bowling pictures interact with people dog walk you never know who you will meet on your travels good luck

  • Arrogance. unhealthy diet. inactivity. habits. blatant stupidity. presumptuousness. can't handle talking/ discussions/ debates. can't handle casual touching.

  • Dude, have confidence in yourself, you are who you are. You seem like a pretty cool guy, just have more confidence.

  • Just the video game part & fitness. You don't have to be into sports, but we'd like you to be healthy. You should be a little outgoing though :( It's good for you, then there's no point of life if you don't do the fun & spontaneous once in awhile.

  • Weird fetishes/OCD about getting stuff touched

  • I am not a big fan of being a little over weight as I deprive myself of delicious food and work out regularly and I like guys who are in shape as well. And the OCD thing is a big turn off. Everything else is OK.

    You are absolutely right that you should not change for anyone because there are so many people out there who would adore you the way you are but you haven't met yet.

  • Prob the video game/not being into sports thing. And the staying at home bit. I'm more into guys that are active and such


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  • dude, just be more social