Guys' definition of cute? In your own words.

Question says it all?

I forgot to mention, if you randomly walk past a girl and say's she is cute.

In ways how she acts and appearance:)


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  • Cute is much better than hot or sexy, in my opinion.

    Here's how things go...

    When a girl is hot, she's hot. When she gets dressed up, she's sexy. Which is okay, nothing wrong with sexy at all.

    But when a girl is cute, she's damn cute. And when she gets dressed up, she's beautiful. Which is muuuuch better than sexy any day.

    Cute is just... how they act mixed with their physicality. Like, they compliment each other. Cuteness is like a definition of the whole thing, whereas hot or sexy is purely physical.


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  • Someone that does things that are silly which make me smile and think they're special. I'm a lot more likely to be attracted to people like that.


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  • Beautiful in a more youthful and modest way.

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