What does this look mean?

OK, so I've had this immense crush on a guy at uni for over a year. I'm shy but I figured I need to make some kind of effort to catch his attention or at least make him see I'm a friendly person.

So every time I see him I say "hi"... The first two or three times he said hi back, the third he just kind of went "aright?". More recently I haven't really had a chance to say hi because he's always walking by talking to other people. But I have noticed he looks at me weird - I might be misinterpreting it, but it's as if he's giving me an arrogant kind of look, looking down at me. He is quite a bit taller than me, but its just way he kind of leans his head back and gives sort of half-smile. Not sure if I'm describing it very well.

So the other day I passed him, but I could already see him looking at me in that way as he was coming towards me. So as I passed him I greeted him (I feel that's the least I can do, and is kind of normal if you know who someone is), but he didn't reply at all.

I can kind of guess that he's probably not into me, I'm starting to figure this out, he never takes initiative to say hello to me. But what the heck is that look about? Why does he do that? Is he actually TRYING to make me feel rubbish for his own amusement or what?

Guys, have you done this, and if so, why?


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  • yeah that's kinda weird if saw the two of you interacting I could prob tell if he likes you..

    have you tried flirting with him!?!?!

    • Well, as I said, I'm really shy, so saying hi to someone that I don't know that well and have a crush on takes a lot of courage for me. If his behavior was a bit more obviously positive in response I might pluck up the courage to try and involve him in a conversation, such as, how are you, what have you been up to, etc... But he just gives me that weird smile that I can't seem to interpret - I mean is he just thinking, "yeah, yeah, I've figured out you like me, whatever..." when he does that?

    • Kind of. guy's like confidence but remember not too much confidence. flirt with him subliminally. if he looks at you maybe look away let him check you out without him knowing your doing that?!

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