Why does this guy changes his behavior towards me every other day?

A month ago, I met this guy.

He was part of the introduction group of my study. We got along very well, and a few people told me he probably liked me. I had a boyfriend at the time, I broke up because I liked this guy (didn't tell anyone about reason break-up).

A week later, we kissed, he reacted very positively, but after 30 seconds when I stepped a bit closer, he stopped me. The day after he sent a couple of text messages, neutral ones.

Another week later, I asked him if he liked to drink a coffee somewhere. He responded with asking me out for dinner. We went to the Italian, had a nice time (he paid the check) but we didn't kiss.

After that we 'accidentally' met again and we walked to the station together, was fun again and I get the idea that he does like me, but I am not sure at all.

I was wondering if this guy really likes me? He is very shy and modest so I cannot really tell..

Hope you'll know!


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  • This guys dating "style" sounds like mine.

    If his dating style is like mine, then the way I see it is that he is into you but not the type of guy to text, call or set up meetings and crap like that because he is too scared his going to mess things up with you. Some guys, like me, could like a girl a lot but not want to mess that up. Thereby, they avoid contact with you. Its stupid, I know. I keep myself in check. So yeah, simply put his not the type of guy to want to pick up the phone and talk and text to you and stuff like that. People like me, our cellphones are like one way telephone lines (incomming calls only). I bearly call or text other people.

    In that case, I suggest you hit him up more often and you set up the dates. From then on, wear something sexy but also classy. Good luck by the way. Guys who think like me are a freaking pain in the ass to date. That given the rare case that he does think like me.

    • Thanks a lot for your comment!

      I think you could be right indeed (hope so haha). But it is very frustating that he doesn't take any initiative, and it makes me insecure too. And why would he be afraid to mess things up? He knows I like him right xD

      If a guy really likes a girl, wouldn't he do anything to be near her? Or at least contact her because he wants to know what she is doing? Or is that the naivity of a girl?

      Sorry for the amount of questions haha, hope you can help me out again:)

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