What do you find attractive?

So I'm a bit on the chubby side of things. I mean I have curves. But a bit of an over-abundance. I'd like to loose some weight for sure...but even so I wonder what exactly it is that men find attractive. I'm 21 and have only had 2 boyfriends...both of who dumped me...one of which cheated while I was away my first year of college. I rarely get hit on by men...and the guys at my college never seem to notice me like that. I wonder if its because of my weight. I've heard if I loose weight guys will like me...but I certainly don't want a man who only likes me because I loose weight. So guys here's a loaded question for you. What do you find attractive to a girl?

as some idea of my size...im 5'4" weigh 195 and my measurements are 42-38-42...wear size 13/14 jeans...and my chest is a 42DD.

hopefully this gives a good idea of what I look like pudge-wise. so yeah...attractive or no?


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  • Use Wolfram Alpha to compare your weigh-height-age-gender with others.


    If you don't have a good looks then your personality is worthless. Girls look for personality, guys look for looks. Have you ever heard "oh that overweight girl, she has an amazing personality, how attractive!"? No! Guys look for personality only when they compare beautiful ones.


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  • Well I looked at your picture and assuming that is you, you have an ABSOLUTELY adorable face, your really pretty so I wouldn't worry at all, I am the same way I have no guys hit on me in college, guys hit on me in other places (nightclubs etc..) but never college I haven't even had a boyfriend yet... just dated and madeout etc lol but anyways your gorgeous don't lose weight for a guy lose it because you want to... if he likes you he likes you and if he doesn't... tell him to go f*** himself. :) lol Good luck :) I'm sure you'll find someone AMAZING!