Am I too out of the "norm" ?

I was just wondering would any traits of my personality be off putting for a guy? because my friends have told me I'm abit geeky/weird.

-I read alot.

-I like things to be fairly clean.

-I don't like wearing many dresses/skirts.

-I keep a lot of odd things around my room (e.g I have a jellybean shaped airfreshner, cute things like that.)

-I listen to a lot of music.

-I like drawing cartoons when I'm bored.

-I'm kind of a game geek, but I only play them when I'm bored.

-I know a lot of pointless facts, & pretty much everything there is to know about any decent TV show.

-I'm not very girly.

-I'm abit of a grammar/spelling nazi

-I have abit of OCD.

-I make a lot of jokes/laugh alot/like watching comedy shows.

-I do enjoy going out to parties, etc. :)


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  • Being different is never a bad thing, to be honest the only thing I'm not crazy about is that you don't like wearing dresses/skirts which is obviously not THAT big of a deal, that's more my personal preference.

    I think there's many guys who would find these traits very attractive.


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  • Sounds awesome. There aren't enough geek girls in the world if you ask me.

    • Bahaha; I just get told by my friends that I'm not girly enough. Because I fit in with guys more, none of the stupid bitchyness with guys I find. I guess come across more geeky because I'm not that girly, too.

    • Lack of stupid bitchyness? Seriously, change nothing. Your friends are clearly just jealous.

    • Haha, thankyou. :)

  • I wouldn't be put off by your traits at all.

    You actually sound like quite a bit of fun.

    My only worry would be if you don't like going dancing or to various parties.

    And I listen to a bunch of music, I'm listening to the new Taylor Swift right now.

  • ...Most girls are like that, except the "I'm not very girly" bit.


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