What would make me actually look my age?

Okay, so my problem is that I'm about to turn 20 in January, but everybody that meets me says that I look 14. Its literally almost the first thing that comes out of every person's mouth that I meet. No joke, bank tellers give me candy when I make a deposit and one of my bosses laughed for 15 minutes because he couldn't believe that I was 18 at the time. So, who has suggestions for how to look a little bit older so that guys my own age will ask me out. I'm tired of 9th graders and skeezy old men hitting on me.

The only make up I wear is some mascara and some lip gloss. My sneakers are brown, and I have to ride a bike around my college campus to make it to my classes on time so there are definitely no heels during the day.
My hair is a little on the long side, but that's only because short hair doesn't suit me at all.


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  • Solid colors, work boots or solid color sneakers, perfect fit jeans (not too baggy or too skin tight), bottom up shirts, make sure the hair isn't past your shoulders, and don't plaster on the make up.

    What usually gives a teenage girl away who is trying to look old is;

    she either has non-solid color sneakers or high heels on and has way too much make up on her face.

    • And I meant to type "button up shirts" not buttom.

      make sure those shirts are solid colors.

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  • if you want to look just own age...wear a lot of make-up, wear clothes that covers your boobs, but wear clothes that will show your body shape to make you look sexy like a grown up woman. And most important key is to act very mature believe me that works. When I was 17 people would think I'm 23 or something because I act mature than my age so yer...hope that helps