How far would you go for the one you love?

its all there ^^^ :)

  • If you fall, I fall
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  • If you fall, ill catch you
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  • Change anything about yourself (that they don't like) for them
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  • Go out of your way to make them happy
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  • I wouldn't change for anyone
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wow it looks like guys are willing to change for their S\O, but girls aren't... I'm amazed :)


Most Helpful Guy

  • In the 7th grade, one of my teachers told me a story about something like this.

    There was a couple driving on some back road in the country when they, for whatever reason, swerved into a ditch and the car flipped. The husband was thrown from the car before it landed upside down, trapping the wife inside. The husband was obviously pretty beat up, but he came back over to the car and tried to free his wife. She was pinned by the car, so the husband put all he had into shifting the car's weight in order for his wife to get free. In the process of doing this, he broke his back and cause fractures in both of his legs to break. For the rest of his life, his back was to be in very bad shape...but all he thought about at the time was getting his wife out of the car.

    If I cared for a woman far more than any other person in the world, I'd do something like this for her :)


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What Guys Said 6

  • if she justs wants to change me then she doesn't really love me. if you love someone then it's warts and all or else it's bullsh*t.

  • well... why would you be surprised?

    • I thought girls might be willing to change too

    • I'm not surprised that the ladies would want the guy to change first...

    • Same

      im not like that :)

      i wouldn't change for anyone, my boyfriend loves me for who I am anyway :)

  • I would die for her.. when I told her that.. she broke down crying...

  • I think anyone who is actually experiencing true love would do anything for their s/o.

  • To the sky and back

  • Love is over-rated & temporary. Ill stick to no-strings attached sex with a bunch of girls then being tied down to 1 any day

    • Well its good that you have your own opinion :)

What Girls Said 1

  • if I see I have a problem and it has been causing me trouble in the past id be willing to change if they point it out it all depends on what it may be and if I feel it'll make me feel better also. I'm not just going to change myself to please him forgetting about myself.

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