Whats the diffirence between hot and cute?

can someone tell me the diffrence between hot and cute?


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  • Hot is based on lust and looks. You basically have a primal feeling of just wanting to have sex with the person once you lay eyes on them.

    Cute is based on personality.You like the actions, style of speech, beliefs, a person has. And that person may not be "hot," but you just smile and enjoy everything they do.

    Pretty is based on looks and personality. You think the person is good looking and you like most of their personality. But some of their personality you may not like, but you don't care because you think the person is still good looking.

    Beautiful, is you like/love everything about the person, even their character flaws. This can apply to a good looking person, or not good looking. But you love the person for their individuality and so they are seen as beautiful in your eyes.



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  • if someone is less confident with girls he would say cute if he really liked then but if a guy who was experienced and he said hot to me it doesn't sound as nice as saying gorgeous or beautiful... if I really liked a girl I wouldn't say fit or hot I just think saying gorgeous or beautiful has more class :)


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