What kind of girls wear DC shoe co usa?

im jw. like what type of girls. (Rock, emo, scene, preppy. girls like that or something)

& then what's so hot about them?


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  • As far as I can see a good 70-90% of girls would have no problem with wearing DCs. They're good trainers, like. Vans wearers wear them a lot, and Adidas wearers wear them a lot. So...


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  • I only wear DC's and I'm just an average girl. I don't think I really fit into any category. I do wear guys DC's because I think the girl ones are ugly. I just like them. I also used to be obsessed with Rob Dyrdek and he always wears DC'S, but now I just wear them. I don't really like Vans or Etnies. I used to wear Phat Farms, but I quit that.

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