Are girls more attracted to talent than looks, money, or humor?

"Looks, money and a sense of humor will get you far, but nothing gets the ladies going like a guy with talent. Take a girl for an expensive dinner, and you’re good. Bust out a ukulele after dessert and sing a Beatles song in Portuguese, and you’re golden."

True ir not true? What do you think.

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  • I wouldn't say I'm any more attracted to a guy with either talent or looks/money.

    Humor gets me going and warms me up faster,

    so that's what I'm really more attracted to.


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  • I said somewhat true. I used to really like this guys who could sing really well.

    Now I have a crush on this really amazing guy in track, he's so fast.

    BUT he has to be nice to me and others(for the most part) above everything else.

    next would be humor.

    then looks, though of course, looks might be what catches my eye in the first place.

  • You should read Blonde's Have More Fun by Jena Pincott. She has a whole chapter on the desirability of male "artists"

  • A guy with talent catches a girl eye.

    A guy with looks keep the girls eye.

    A guy with money makes the girl feel more financially secure.

    A guy with humor keeps a girl smiling.

  • i like guys who make me laugh :))


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