Girls, how can I improve my looks? (1-10)

Hi everyone, I was just wondering on what people (preferably girls) think about how I look (1-10) and what I can do to improve my looks as I've been trying to do a lot of different things lately (mainly looking for hair suggestions as that's what it looks like its coming down to) I'm honestly not trying to do a promotion of my channel here, but I think that videos make up for a lot of pictures (so you can see everything), my newest pictures are still months old, and any other important information about me is in the profile part:

Also, I don't normally dress like I do in the videos, I'm pretty casual otherwise. I've read a few post similar to mine, and I know how important it is to just be confident and have good self-esteem, so there is no need to post that here as I've read it 100 times already. Constructive criticism and ratings are appreciated, thanks.


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  • I'm not sure hair really matters as long as it's neat but then again a lot of girls are into that scruffy look. Dress well and up to date, and work out, those things will give you lots confidence.

  • You're quite cute, but it's kinda hard to see your face properly haha


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