Girl who's a friend, I want her to be more?

How do I do this...

This girl has been my friend for over 4 years now, since the start of university... we are both 21 now, finishing up our last years for our bach. we both get along really well, we love the same things more or less... But she has this boyfriend of hers for 6 years now. maybe going on 7. but I honestly don't like the guy she's with based on what I've heard him say to her(gossip) which are true, but just.. she doesn't deserve a guy like that. I don't see how she's happy with him, despite how I see him.

I met him once, and man, I got a bad impression... And it's not that I'm jealous, I talk to her about my ex gf(which ended 3 months ago) talk to her about lots of stuff because she's my closest friend I guess. Or close to it anyway

She and I get physical sometimes, tickling, or whatnot, nothing boyfriend/girlfriend obviously, or PDA. but we get physical as friends somewhat. Her boyfriend of 6-7 years is just in the way. And I know she likes me. But I don't know how to act.

I would just like to say to her "I like you" but if I do I might just ruin the friendship(obvious thought) I'm finally in these shoes, and it sucks. I don't know what to do. Keep being friends and know she's with him... While I bang random chicks because I don't want to be in a relationship with someone I don't feel as strongly as her... I haven't been lucky in the dating department, its hard to find a girl as great as my friend I really like.

I think the question is.. what can I do, should I do...?



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  • 1st Tell Her.. 2> Give her space to think , I mean lots of space.. 3> she be back if shed into you .. I am in the same shoes as you dude.. trust me..

    • Did you actually do that? lol. or just waiting for me to do it and report back to you, and give ya some hope :p lol

  • someones desperate

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