My boyfriend gets p*ssed when I talk about other guys?

We were boyfriend and girlfriend for less than a week in September, but I dumped him brutally because he was always talking stupid stuff I did not care about. I was brutal and claimed that I never wanted to see him again. Weeks later though, we got really close, and soon started meeting again until we had sex. 2 weeks after the sex I asked him to forgive me and to give me a second chance. Now we've been in a relationship for more than a week.

Truth is, I am self-confident and many people tell me I am hot, beautiful, etc. But when we are outside, I could see my boyfriend's eyes on other girls (some of which don't even look half as good as me). That just p*sses me like hell! I haven't told him to stop, I'm afraid he'll say I'm paranoid and desperate (which I am not). So in return, I always talk about guys in front of him: "Hey did you see that dude's blue eyes; my-my if he ever stepps through my door, he just doesn't know what I'll do with him!"

And yesterday he told me: "Hey, why don't you date one of your neighbors?"

And I was about to say: "Because I'm already dating you, duh!"

Instead, I said: "Do you insist? What do you expect me to do? Sleep with my neighbor and then come to you and tell you in details how good he was in bed? Don't challenge me to do it."

And he told me: "No, I'm not challenging you. I'm just saying... if you like him better than the person you're already with, then... go ahead."

And I told him: "If I didn't like the person I was with much enough, I would've simply not originally dated you in September!"


- Does he even give a f***ing sh*t about me?

- Was I wrong to hurt "an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth" by talking about guys myself?

- How do I make him stop looking at other girls... or is it just part of his jerky nature?

  • You were a bitch to talk about how hot certain guys were.
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  • Dump him. You deserve better.
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  • It's pretty natural for all guys to look at girls, even if they're in a relationship.
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To be honest, a week before I asked him for forgiveness, he admitted to HAVING FEELINGS FOR ME.


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  • Nearly everyone checks out other people, even if they're in a relationship. The moment you get a girlfriend or boyfriend, your ability to see attractiveness in other people doesn't turn off.

    Purposefully trying to make him feel bad or jealous because YOU feel insecure is immature and unhealthy for a relationship. Either deal with the fact that he might look at other girls (but is with YOU), humble yourself and actually talk to him about the fact that it bugs you, or break up with him and find a guy is willing to never look at another girl again (but good luck with that last one).


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  • "- Does he even give a f***ing sh*t about me?"

    Hard to tell. Your relationship is a week old.

    "- Was I wrong to hurt "an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth" by talking about guys myself?"

    Yes. An eye for an eye is pretty much always wrong. As Ghandi would say 'an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.'

    "- How do I make him stop looking at other girls... or is it just part of his jerky nature?"

    It's more part of his male nature than his jerky nature. Men are visual. We like to look. Just because he's looking doesn't mean he'd leave you. It's rude to stare though, so if he's giving more than a passing glance you could say something about it. Or you could always try classical training and just pinch him every time he's looking too long ;).

    • Thank you! :) I added an update by the way, so he might not be apathetic for me.

      As for the third question - thanks, that helped a lot. *whew* It's just that, like some girls, when he looks at others, I just feel so insecure and unattractive. :((

  • Sounds like you are the one at fault here...

    Stop saying that stuff, he's not saying it. Look if you want but don't talk about effing other guys to your boyfriend, that's kinda messed up.


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