British people - what's with messy fake blond hair, abercrombie, and body warmers?

Alright, so at my uni loads of rich girls who do nothing except slather on make-up and go to rugby socials all wear abercrombie and jack wills and other clothes like that.

From a guys point of view, that makes them look lazy and ugly as sin. Why do girls wear this stuff :)

Just curious! :)


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  • It's aristocracy, upper class, stable girl chic.

    Girls at uni seem to love it. It's just an 'in' thing at the moment. Some can pull it off, some just can't. More often than not it's kids living off daddy's credit card - so buying expensive clothes, but not wanting to look like some little rich kid, so they 'rough' it up with teased hair. And I guess the look just caught on. Plus; you ignore the fact that it's supposed to be some sort of a fashion statement a lot of it is very comfortable.

    • It looks like folks just woke up and went to lectures or whatever wearing their PJs.

      Thanks for answer :)

    • Chances are they probably have.

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  • As a mature student doing her PHD, (Thank you Royal Navy, no tuition fees for me :D) I've noticed this trend as well. I don't honestly know why girls dress like that. I usually go to uni in a nice jumper, pair of skinny levis, fluffy hat, leather gloves and dubes with the chinchilla liners (its cold in Plymouth!). Plus I have a big handbag to carry my books in (backpacks ugh! Only time you'll catch me one of those is if I'm on exercises!)

    Most girls can't be arsed to make an effort and it shows. They haven't got mummy to drag them to the salon each week and they're too busy getting pissed on lambrini in halls.

  • Haha, I'm so far away from that amount of money I don't even know any girls like that, especially not students.

    However I DO know about the fake blond hair girls with orange skin. They're EVERYWHERE and they all look the same! GAH! Why do guys like that!

    • I think most don't but the elite upper classes can identify with it. It marks them out as rich :(

  • I don't know about girls. I'm from America, but I'm really trying to move to the U.K. and I like guys that have messy blond hair. Like Charlie Simpson. But American girls are like that too.They wear too much make up, have extensions in their hair, have orange skin, and wear Hollister and clothes like that. And guys seem to love them. I don't see why.


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  • British girls in general are low down the ladder on level of attractiveness anyway. They're by far the least attractive girls in the western world. You wait when the rest of the world catches up and can spice themselves up, British girls will be bottom.

    • Trust me, there are some girls with a natural beauty in England :D I think all American chicks fail to reach my standards, but I suppose each to their own ;D

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    • Excuse me, the style here is very unique and girls arnt afraid to wear what they want not everyone wears trakies all the time I'm from the U.K and your just sterotyping you dumb ass!

    • Britain is the only place on earth where the men are better looking than the women

  • british people have problems far worse that the messy hair and whatnot, they live on drugs, they drink sh*te instead of water, and they embrace STDs.

    And still they have the highest wages rates in the world, the poor people's money going to those high slutty drankards? why is the world so corrupt!

    • I am British :D but we have good real ale instead of sh*te water, so that's a plus.

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    • Its only the lager that's sh*te. Our tea is amazing, and like the previous person said we have some fantastic ales and micro brewerys.

      Most of the people you mentioned in your first paragraph are the lower eschalons of society and what are collectively known as "chavs". There is nothing wrong with corrupt, just depends on which end of it you're on!

    • Yea so much fun for those corrupt people that look like they form the majority! who pays for their drugs? you wouldn't find a brit who makes less that 2000 a month, yet what do they spend all that on? sex, drinks and drugs... and who cures their crap when they catch infections, the government! britain makes one wants to mourn.