How to make my eyes appear bigger?

I have monolids and aside from eyeliner I don't really know what to do with them. Any tips?


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  • - a really good eyelash curler

    -double eyelid tape

    -circle lenses

    - white eye shadow in the inner corners of your eyes and in the waterline

    -big lashes helps open the eyes so try either false lashes or a really good mascara

    -try lining your eyeliner half way on the bottom of your eyes

    [drugstore brand mascara]

    cover girl lash blast

    [department store brand mascara]

    diorshow mascara "the black tube"

    or watch bubzbeauty


    • Thanks for the link - I tried the look she did today and it made my eyes look really huge in comparison! 8D

    • Your welcome! :)

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  • Work more on the far corner of the eyes, don't be even. Apply eye-line thinker in those areas, and taper down to a point at the point of your eye closest to the nose.

    If you're using shaddow don't just use one flat colour, start dark in the corner and smudge out, the smoky eye usually makes eyes look bigger and more dramatic.

    As far as mascara is concerned, apply in a zigzag movement; let it dry and then put a second layer on top and make sure you move with the curl, or curl again then they're still wet - just make sure you clean the curlers. Again, work more on the outer point into less at the inner point.

  • just remember when you are doing your eyes that darker colors close and make things smaller and lighter colors make things bigger and brighter.

    there are some really pretty light colored eyeliners, I would suggest peach, silver, light blue

    my favorite way of opening an eye is to use mascara on the top and use a peach liner on the bottom inner rim. you want to stretch the top up so don't use eyeliner up there because that will close it in making your lid heavier. the peach on the bottom inner rim will brighten the white of your eye while making your eyes appear rounder. good luck!:)

  • whatever you do do NOT line the insides of your eye rims, that will only make them smaller, in fact when you use eye liner its best to not use it all the way around

    use white or silver eye shadow on the inner corners of your eyes then fade to a darker color when it gets to the other side. it will make you apprear more awake

    you can also try using whit eyeliner on the inner rims of your lower eye lids, to make them appear larger.

  • try white eyeliner

    and double eye lid tape