Guys: What do you mean by "cute?"

Alright fellas, I know what girls mean by when they say they think someone is "cute." We have a whole spectrum of meanings for this one word and I'm assuming you guys do too.

What do YOU mean? Yes, cute can mean several things like cute aesthetically, or cute as in a little kid (personality/physically), etc. So please guys, can you tell me the many definitions/meanings for when you think a girl is "cute?"

I actually get called that all the time by guys and I still don't know what they mean by that. It'd be nice to get some clarification. Thanks ahead of time!


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  • Cute to me is being able to tell someone that they're better than average looking. There's like a hierarchy of levels of attractiveness. Though there's a big line between what guys say. It's like saying someone's beautiful instead of hot. It's a gentlemanly way of saying that someone is good looking, but without going over the top.

    • And that hierarchy is what I'm actually curious about! So could you elaborate? (actually anyone who sees this and would like to answer please expand on the definitionS of "Cute" for you)

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    • Ach, schade...ok well thanks for your contribution :)

    • No worries. If I come up with anything else, you'll be the first to know.

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  • Personally, I reserve the word "cute" for puppies and kittens. I wouldn't dream of using that word to describe a woman.

  • I use cute when I describe a girl's smile

    • And what do you mean by that? Like... what does that imply? (from your perspective)

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