What does it mean to?

Eye f**k someone? How is it done? I hear about it all the time but I just don't get it loll


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  • Staring at someone checking them out and them catching you doi it...


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  • While abstinence is 100% effective in preventing pregnancies, eye f***ing is 124% effective at preventing pregnancies. Don't ask how, it just is.

    Now onto some seriousness, I guess it's running that person through a bunch of sex fantasies. Give a guy just a slight bit of cleavage, and his mind turns into the world's greatest movie director. He can picture you naked, he can picture you on top of him, below him, in the shower, mowing the yard, doing your homework, whatever it is that you could possibly be doing, it will be erotic.

    That's my guess on eye f***ing.

    • Hahaaha 124% effective? I better start learning how to do this ;-p ... I thought it was like a certain way to look at someone? No words required it's all your eyes? .. I'm clearly clueless with this lol

    • Yeah, probably the same as gawking over a girl, just a different term used.

  • I would guess that you would have to have a serious case of exopthalmos in order to literally f*** someone with your eye.

  • It's when you repeatedly jab a chick's eye with your **** until temporary blindness occurs. Sometimes until detached retina if you are very kinky. I've been giving hoes eye patches since 2006.

    • ... well I DID wanna learn how to do this .. but I value my eye sight far too much lol

    • Can't make an omelette without breaking a few eggs.

    • Lolll well aren't you the funny one :)

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  • Im gonna say its when to people seduce each other with their eyes.

    Simple enough.

    • Well, right ... but is there a certain way to do it? lol

    • Well, usually I say it comes naturally.

      Im not very sure if there is a certain way.

      Unless the definition is what those guys^^^ were saying XD

    • Its not seduction (unless you make sure the person knows you are eyef***ing them and when doing so, not be creepy at the same time. then its seductive lol)