Do guys ever tell a girl she is cute/hot/pretty even if she isn't?

my boyfriend told his friend she looked SO cute and pretty the other day. she looked normal. nothing special really. I know he hates acne and always tells me he loves me skin, but she has really bad acne...and he doesn't like it when chicks are pushy, but she was acting pushy and kind of bumped me out of the way so she could give me a hug hello. I don't get it? he also likes older women, and she was only 19. I don't get it? why would he be so quick to complimenting a girl who is pushy, not too pretty, and a kid. BUT couldn't make time to compliment me? I looked nice, took time to get ready and put effort into it, and take care of it me? do guys ever tell girls they are pretty or cute or whatever because they think they just want to hear it or just to be nice?

my skin* oops. yeah and he doesn't like acne because we both used to be total pizza faces but started taking better care of ourselves
and I mean give HIM a hug hello. sorry, I wasn't really paying attention when typing


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  • To be nice, yes we will say they look pretty.

    But sometimes, our usually standards are just thrown aside if a girl just has some sort of characteristic we find incredibly appealing.

    Like I know I'm usually attracted to girls who are "hollywood/model pretty" but there are a few girls who are look average but their personality makes them hot and irresistible.


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  • Yes, I will give a compliment to a girl I don't find attractive.

    Not only that, but I'm sure you get compliments from your boyfriend on a usual basis. Not every day you get to say that for someone else when you're in a relationship.

  • Maybe he takes you for granted, his tastes have changed, he likes her for whatever reason, you can't control who you like either you do or you don't even if don't understand it...


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