What attracts a guy to a girl?

Say you see a girl just walking down the street, what attracts you do her and what is the first thing you notice? Is it the cleavage, the way her hair is, the way she walks? Or anything else?


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  • Hey,

    When I see a girl I don't know if I see anything in particular - unless it is "pronounced." Usually, you'll notice her body, her hair, her assets, and what she's wearing. Also important is how she is walking. Is she confident? How does she carry herself? Does she seem friendly? I think a lot of guys will also think "Oh, she's cute" or "She's hot but out of my league..."


    - Evan

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  • Her eyes. The way she carries herself. Her confidence. if she appears happy. her hair.

    non are in any particular order of priority but her eyes definitely

    in naughty perspective

    her booty. curves. legs. her hair again.her perfume if she is wearing any, seriously the smell of cucumber based perfumes are a turn on imo...but yeah this is all just about physical attraction


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