How do I show him that I like him? Extended eye contact?

Sometimes when I catch my crush looking at me or when he catches me looking at him we just stare into each others eyes. From a distance, and sometimes really close. The eye contact lasts for more then 3 seconds and it probably would go on longer if one of use didn't chicken out or if someone didn't interrupt us. Why does he do that? What does it mean? And guys what are some ways to show you that I like you? Thanks.


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  • That's a pretty good sign that he is interested in you. I guess you could try to outlast him and keep looking into his eyes, but it is supposed to be flirting, not a contest! How well do you know him? If not at all, just say "hello" after one of these times. If you do know him, what if you just said something like, "That's strange... do you realize how often we look at each other?" and see what his reaction is... that'll certainly give him an opening.


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