What are five giveaways to an a**hole?

i would like to know some things to look for so I don't fall for another asshole who is only looking to use me for sex so basically what a need is like Example.- opening a door for me like stuff like that or like calling me a bitch. like I wanna know how to be repellent to A**hole's


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  • Asshole are like hackers. You don't realize it until it's too late. There aren't calling cards to distinguish them really. And what maybe an A**hole to you may not be the same to someone else.

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    10 Signs He’s Just an Asshole

    1. He tells people the two of you met on checkoutmysnatch.com or some other equally xx-rated site, thereby making everyone uncomfortable because they a) wonder if that’s actually true, b) immediately start wondering if such a site exists and how they didn’t know about it before, and c) get an instant mental image of what your snatch might look like.

    2. He not only tips strippers cheaply, but also makes them degrade themselves in some small way for each and every dollar bill.

    3. Nonetheless he expects one of those strippers to go home with you and him at the end of the night. Invariably they don’t, but slip you their number and want to go out separately of him later in the week.

    4. He has a “routine” that he performs with all the women he dates, so predictably that you can back-and-forth the entire thing with another ex-girlfriend of his you randomly meet. (“Then he plies you with cold sake! Then he takes you back to the house and jumps on you like an octopus! Then he wants you to dress up in an air hostess uniform!”) Provided you and the other ex are woman enough to laugh at this, you will really freak out any men who happen to be in the vicinity, especially if they are guilty of the above themselves.

    5. He decides what television shows the two of you will be watching, and even if it’s something gruesome on serial killers or the stock market, no matter how much you beg him to turn it off, he will not be moved.

    6. He’s obnoxious to wait staff. In addition to being embarrassing, this means you can never take him anywhere, because if he’ll do it at a restaurant, he’ll do it at a party.

    7. He tries too hard to have sex on the first date. What the hell man? Is he afraid you’re going to come to your senses and refuse a second date? Is he too cheap for a second date? Or does he merely have the attention span of a stoned college student? No matter what, it doesn’t bode well.

    8. He makes fun of you. Helloooo! Insecure much? Any guy who’d knock his date down to build up his own smugness deserves to be knocked down himself. And then kicked.

    9. He ignores your first significant holiday together (Valentine’s, your birthday, Christmas) after you’ve been dating a reasonable time (4-6 weeks), but then calls you 5-7 days later like nothing has occurred

    10. He tries to have sex with all of his female friends, acquaintances and colleagues…and then pouts when he doesn’t get it. Quadruple-bad if he does this while he’s married.

    • If he seems to good to be true then he probably is. These types of men are about grandeur. They talk about themselves a lot and think they are the best. Don't mistake it as confidence its insecurity. Notice how he treats other people if he seems rude to them for no reason that's a bad sign.

      1. He's not reliable

      2. He doesn't call when he says he will

      3. Does not care about how you feel

      3. Youve caught them lying on more then one occasion

      4. They leave you hanging without an explanation

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  • ok first off everything goes good in the beginning but you will feel it and know.. the sweet things count the little things count..if you feel funny then he's a asshole! stay away from men with baggage that they can't let go off,men that hold grudges,that means they can't let go of things,jealous men ..that means they are not confident,and will only make you go crazy..cuz they dnt trust you...men who lie..means there not honest with themselves...the ones who only call at night! meaning they only want 1 thing...