Is it true "if a guy wants to be with you then he will be with you"?

I always hear...if a guy wants to be with you then he wold be with you but I was wondering if there were certain exceptions or reasons why he wouldn't. I'm starting to think this saying is really true.


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  • Not always true. For a confident outgoing guy, yes. Confident guys go after what they want and they make there own moves. If a guy has no problem with being around the opposite sex than he will be direct and pursue the girl(s) he wants.

    But the other guys labeled as "shy" or "quiet" will mostly likely have a problem initiating you or asking you out. These guys may have something valuable (quiet confidence, friendliness, and generosity) but they normally sweat when they even think about asking you out.

    So to answer your question, no. Only the guys who are fun, outgoing, confident, and comfortable with themselves and being around other people, will pursue you. These guys normally have no problem speaking their minds, expressing themselves and going after what they want. It's the shy guys that will like someone but don't do anything about it and then wonder why they didn't end up with a girl. It doesn't mean a shy guy can change though =)

    If you like someone who is acting shy or distant but you're certain he likes you, you should engage him. Be friendly so that you can help him open up to you and possibly ask you out.

    • Funny that you say this, This guy and I JUST had a conversation about how he acts really confident but really is insecure!

    • Hahah nice! he probably knows he's insecure but is trying to hide it with fake confidence. Fake it til you make it is what people usually say haha.

    • Hahahah so true

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  • that expression is like car buying or clothes shopping for the latest lasts as long as you like it or it starts giving you problems and then you junk your car for a new trends changing or maybe your style has shifted, so you change your wardrobe...this is what's inferred by that expression

  • Not true, he may be shy.


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  • This rule is ment for women who can't get the picture I think more or less. It's intended that if you have made yourself available to him and he continues not to call or ask for your number, he is not interested. I think this is from "he's just not that into you" right? It's ment for women who keep trying and keep trying and keep failing. You do have to know when to give up, if you've taken all the steps to try and win some man's heart and he continues to go on about his life and doesn't start including you in it, eventually you'll have to let go. Because if he had wanted to be with you, he would have. And now he's not worth your time if you're not worth his right? I hope this helps.

    • Yeah that makes sense but what is he does make you apart of your life and does call you and does text you and hang out with you and tries all these things except to be together?

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    • Do you flirt with him. If he's not confident about your feelings toward him, he may never be comfortable enough around you to make a move. What do you guys do together, I mean if he's calling and you're hanging out and stuff, do you feel like he's attracted to you or no moment ever comes?

    • We do flirt, but I may give mixed signals. I will tease him about getting a girlfriend and saying he likes other girls ( I think to convince myself I'm not into him). We do everything together, from movies and out to eat to me helping him with his laundry, he's cooked me dinner all the time, drink together, parties together, everything! Yeah I know he is attracted to me.

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