Boys what do you look for in a guy?

just wondering!

woops I meant girlll sorry!


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  • i was like huh ... and saw your update and said O a typo ... but what I look for in a girl is a girl who will ask me out even if she's shy and nervous she'll still look cute to me, sensitivity, sweetness, beauty, sexualness, desires for me, desperate for me, a girl who wants me 4ever and never leaves my side, confidence, gentleness, wants my attention, someone who will fullfill my fantasies, does things to prove she wants me, loves me for who I am, basicly my ideal dream girl, and a girl that wants to marry me, and understands me, and shares her secrets and fantasies with me, open minded, not afraid of me, loyalty, treasures me, 100% str8, virgin, loves and lets me admire her body etc. if she wants me to touch her shell grab my hand and place it where she wants to be touched without me asking, loves how and where I want to touch her


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  • Aside from a vagina and breasts, I prefer mine to be a little reserved. The quiet ones are usually the most freaky. :)

  • Lol, are you singin Eminem's 'Jus lose it'?

  • lol


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