Why exactly would a girl care so much about what she wears when I clearly would tell her it doesn't matter?

Just like the question. Mind you this happened a few years back, but I'm just wanting to get a straight answer. Why would she care about how she dresses for me? I mean, I know she says things like "I want to look nice for you." and such, but when I tell her flat out that it doesn't matter what you wear because clothes don't matter why does she still insist on looking her best? Even if I'm eating at her house. Please, someone elaborate.


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  • Because she cares for her sake.

    What a lot of guys don't understand is that a lot of us like to look nice for ourselves. I wouldn't prefer to be around anyone looking a hot mess because when I look good, I feel good. You might not care, but she does and that's what matters. She's doing it for herself because if it were only about what you thought then she wouldn't try to look her best since you said it didn't matter.


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  • Girls dress first for themselves. We feel so much prettier and better about ourselves when we're put together. Second we do it for other girls, not only so they think well of US but so they think well of YOU. But mainly think well of us lol. Last we dress for guys because we do like to be admired and it feels great to be checked out.

  • She wants to feel pretty, we are girls, it's a natural thing to do.

    • Really, as long as she's nice and she cares about me I could care less.

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