Can't seem to attract girls... why??

I am kinda tall and slim guy I'm socially active,i have nice clothes, I'm energetic... a lot of people seem to think I'm a cool guy... I get a decent amount of good compliments, a lot of friends, all of my close buds seem to be "attractive", so when we go out to the mall or for sports or something I feel they get a lot more looks than I do... I don't know what I should do and I losing confidence


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  • a pic would help :)

    well there are hot people and then the others. so maybe the other guys get more looks at first glance but your personality and being outgoing/initiating with girls can help reel the gals in

    good luck

    • I changed the pic its a little edited but its not much different from the original...yea I think I understand that...

    • You def seem cute altho it's hard to tell because your eyes are just hang in there...there will be someone into you one day soon and prob girls with crushes you don't know about

      i checked out your youtube 'jerk' dance...i thought it was great. you kids should keep it up!

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  • Lower your standards, go for girls no one else wants or try beer helps ugly people get laid...

  • being confident is also a part of being attractive

    just believe in youself,every one is good in their own way

    • Confidence takes a while to build my friend... and rejection doesn't help...

    • Take confidence from the compliments you get and you need to look different from your friends,be it the way you behave or the way you dress

      rejection happens to everyone of us,you just need to cheer up and try to take it lightly