Thinking of putting some shocking color into my hair?

Are guys put off by crazy hair colors/style? I'm dying my virgin hair - it's jet black, but I'm going to dye most of it a hot pink and leave some of it black. I love the color, but I'm just curious...does something this radical turn guys away? And (to guys or girls), what's your first impression of someone that has that kind of style going on?


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  • When I had mine black and blue, I found out guys thought I was more approachable. But I don't know I guess it just depends on the guy.


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  • You will attract guys who like it. Bit alternative...its your face that's more important than your hair...


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  • You know that if you want seriously bold hot pink you're going to have to bleach your hair, leave it two weeks (or your hair can fall out) and then dye it pink?

    I tried to do mine purple over black and it only looked plum in some lights, so you won't get bold hot pink over black.

    And I'd say some guys will like it, some wont, but I'd bet that most won't care.