I'm am so ugly, it's scary.

I used to be so fat, 102 kg. Now, I've been reducing my weight, and within 1 year it has come down to 81 kg.

But that's not it... I have a horribly large amount of stretch marks all over my tummy, and after having some rashes and boils... the remaining huge black spots all over the insides of my thighs and around my tummy too.. And there are big spots on the underneath of my stomach too... And I don't have any idea what to do.

The stretch marks have come on my neckline as well, spreading all over my collar bone.. It looks bad! SO BAD!




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  • You're under 18 or at least that's what it claims on GAG. Your parents should be able to help you. I have had carnal knowledge of a girl who did the same thing as you and can visualize your tummy. I've been told that's what a 'tummy tuck' does is fix that kind of problem. As for stretch marks only virgin boys who always drool over Playboy photos don't know that 99.44% of all girls have stretch marks. Some girls have more stretch marks than others but pretty much all girls have at least some stretch marks. Just let your mom see the spots. She'll help you get the medical attention required to reduce and/or remove the spots. You didn't say how tall you are. So it's not possible to know if 178lbs is making you look good. If you're 5'10" tall, at the minimum, you've done great! Let your mom help you do the rest.

    • and a side hint on playboy, they photoshop pictures to make it more appealing to the audience. a tummy tuck here, a enlarged boob job there, stretch marks gone here, clearer skin there. tada Playboy has done it again!

    • I've known that for many years. How is what Playboy does their pictures going to help this girl? What is your solution to her needing a tummy tuck as a minor living at home? If my minor daughter needed a tummy tuck, I'd get her one.

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  • You know what, I bet you are right about the ugly part. But not because you're fat - but because you're just too skinny.

    Seriously, I doubt I'd be attracted to a girl if she weighed only 100kg, because she's be nothing more than a pile of BONES, and I would have NOTHING to grab.

    Open your eyes, girl - you are not fat, and never was fat. Stop losing weight, and start worrying about other more important things, such as like... your hair. Pretty hair will make you look pretty and a lot of people will give you attention for it.

    If I were you, I would FORGET about losing weight, start eating healthy and more often, and start doing some exercise. Because girl, if you're nothing but 81kg, I doubt you can even do pushups, or run 1km without passing out, gasping for air. You know why this is? BECAUSE YOU ARE UNDERWEIGHT, AND NOT ONLY IS IT UNHEALTHY, IT'S ALSO UNATTRACTIVE!

    We don't LIKE skinny-ass girls! Just because all you see in magazines these days are girls showing off their ribs, doesn't mean that's what is attractive. But hey, ugliness is subjective. Maybe I think it's ugly, but to you, looking like a toothpick is beautiful. Nothing I can do to help you there, though.

    As for the black spots, I have no idea what those are, but I have a feeling that maybe if you start eating the f*** healthy, they would go away since your skin is a good indicator of your health. See a doctor about what they could be.

    And don't worry about stretch marks so much. If you were only 102kg, I seriously doubt you have ANYTHING significant when it comes down to stretch marks.

    • Dude, we're talking kg, not pounds. A 100 kg woman is NOT a pile of bones.

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    • I guess 220 pounds counts as 'nothing more than a pile of BONES' in Brazil :D

    • Sorry. :( My bad! I misinterpreted pounds for kilograms. I guess I shouldn't come to GaG after not having slept for the whole night. Woopsie...

      Sorry gurl. :/ But hey, my best friend weighs around 100kg, and she's far from unattractive. So don't feel too bad about it.

      PS: You should still focus on having pretty hair. ^^

  • There are lots of resources for helping minimize the appearance of stretch marks. Just do a google search, I'm sure you'll find lots of stuff. It's a pretty common problem, especially for women. You could also consider seeing a dermatologist. Fixing skin problems is kind of what they specialize in.

  • It's great you know you're ugly. But go see a doctor ( about what's growing on your skin )

  • Pics or GTFO.



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  • Don't panic first of all. Your body is going through a big change and it will take a while for it to adjust. I know what you are going through to some extent. I used to be 275 lbs and now after a lot of hard work mental and pysical I am down to 145lbs.

    The stretchmarks are a problem for most people who have or who have ever had a weight problem. Bad news is they are permanent in the fact they never go away completely. Good news is over time they fade and get thinner so they are less noticeable. I used cocoa butter to help the process along and it worked very well. I hear bio oil is good to. What kind of exercise do you do? The more toned you are the less noticeable they will be because the skin is not as saggy.

    Your second problem I am not as familiar with. I had a similar issue in between my thighs when I was at my heaviest. If it is the same thing it is caused by the skin chaffing and rubbing together. Mine went away as I got smaller, but it never hurts to get a doctors opinion. I used cocoa butter for this also. Moisturizing is important for skin as well as drinking plenty of water.

    Third: Losing weight was half the batle for me. Mentally I saw myself as fat and ugly and I even at the weight I am now I tend to think I am bigger than I actually am. It does not hurt to find people who are in similar situations just to have someone to talk to. We do tend to judge ourselves harsher than those around us.

    Congrats on making a healthy change! Some people don't even get that far. My biggest tip for you is to be patient and give your body and your mind time to adjust to the changes and feel proud that you are getting healthy!

  • try bio-oil for the stretch marks- speak to your doctor about the rashes, you might need cortizone cream. And chill out. Nothing looks as bad to others as it does to yourself. Stretch marks fade, but if you didn't lose weight you'd be unhealthy and that sh*t doesn't go away. Congrats on the weight loss and please speak to your doctor, because no-one deserves to feel badly about their body.

  • I haven't had a similar problem but I'll advice you to get a doctor fast. You may be reacting to something.