Does having 'beautiful' eyes equal being attractive?

Okay, so if a girl/guy told you that you have 'beautiful' (or whatever other words they used) eyes, does that mean that they think you are attractive?

I am just wondering, because I know I get a lot of compliments from girls/guys about how 'beautiful' my eyes are. But there are obviously more physical characteristics than eyes that makes a girl/guy attractive.

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  • If you have beautiful eyes, it usually goes with you're pretty. Does not guarantee that you're attractive, but it's a good indication.


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  • I have nice blue eyes but I'm ugly as sin. But I'm sure if you get a lot of compliments then your attractive and a guy wouldn't say that if he didn't think you were


What Girls Said 1

  • usually at least attractive

    like some people have beautiful eyes but they're not necessarily beautiful because of the rest of them...

    and if a guy says something he usually is attracted to you