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So my friend (with benefits? )birthday is coming soon and I was thinking about sewing him a manly messenger style bag. He might be doing some traveling next summer and I thought it might be nice to have a nice bag to take with?

Do you think he would appreciate it or think its weird?!


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  • I had a few friend with benefits female friends, and honestly, if any of them would have given me such a gift, it would have freaked me out cause it would have sent the wrong message; of course, I don't know anything about the history of the relationship with your fwb, or for that matter, what type of agreement you have about teh sexual part; but from my experience, any time a girl started to get personal (like you sewing him a bag); then that was my message that the girl was getting attached so I would have to break it off.

  • I can say I would appreciate it. It seems very nice of you to make such an effort.

    But you know how the relationship between you two is, and if a gift like that will make things weird or if he'll appreciate that.

    Sexwiseman gives a good answer. It's typical of those types of arrangements, but if your's is FWB and gift giving is accepted, then go for it.


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