Guys when you talk to a girl do you do the "up down" look?

i have met this guy once or twice but never really talked to him. he is a friend of my friend, but one day he saw me at a sports event and I smiled and said hey. he said hi, and then we just kept doing what we were doing before. but then later he came up to me and tapped me on the shoulder and started talking to me. my guy friend was standing beside me and when the guy left my friend said that he gave me the "your shoes match your eyes" look, like checked me out I guess. do guys do this when they talk to any girl like because they are curious or is it a sign that they are interested?


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  • I sometimes catch myself doing that unconsciously to any girl that's even remotely attractive, including ones I'm not romantically interested in. So, he might be interested in you but I don't think you should take any action based on that one signal.

    • I agree with John. Honestly sometimes I do this because just to avoid eye contact for a second or 2.. it seems more polite to look down in the girls direction than look like I'm distracted by something else happening next to me.

  • Maybe slowly and not obviously, but no. Hardly ever will I give a girl the "once over". I would actually feel awkward doing that, it's really obvious for one thing. Also, it doesn't seem to be something I should be doing. I just don't feel comfortable eyeing a girl all over. Maybe glances but nothing overt.

    Maybe not looking at girls more is actually hurting me though lol


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