GIRLS, what's the difference between CUTE and HOT?

OK girls think johnny depp is the hottest guy---but he's skinny as hell. depp could easily bang as many girls as wilt chamberlin (20,000) if he wanted to. but I also worked e/some guy who was ugly as f*** but banged a lot of chicks because he looked like a professional bodybuilder. so would you girls bang some guy who is considered hot because of his face or his body. what matters most? can a skinny good looking get a lot of poontang like a diesel guy? what's the difference between a skinny guy who's hot and a skinny guy who's cute?


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  • his swag has a lot to do with whether he's sexy or cute or not. generally I don't find skinny men sexually attractive, I prefer them to have more weight on them or preferably muscle. so usually I will think a skinny guy is cute just off sight. but if I'm around said skinny guy and I like his vibe and how he acts then I may think he's sexy. swag = style + attitude


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  • Cute=Face


    A guy can be hot with any body shape,whether skinny or muscular

    Johnny Depp isn't attractive to me but to each his own.

    And for a ONS obviously body.Guys aren't gonna bang a girl for her face

    • Face actually matters most to us--then body- a cute face on a girl with an avg body is better than any curvy chick-but cute and curvy is priceless--and extremely rare

    • Did I say face doesn't matter?No,but it isn't going to turn an unattractive body attractive

    • I know-i was just saying face matters most to guys-thats all

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  • Great question. The answer is they're both the same, assuming you have money.