If a guy says he thinks you're really cute, but we prob wouldn't date, can I change that?

so I like this guy, and we haven't been hanging out for long, but I think he's really nice, and he's not the BEST looking but his personality makes him SO cute. he recently got out of a like year relationship and I understand it will take some time to get over, but he's still ALWAYS with his ex, not on her terms to be exact. and like we were chilling last weekend, and plan to this weekend, and he was sitting on my lap(long story, he was high and I stole his seat) and he like was playing with my hand, and we started holding hands, and then he was like "can I tell you something without it being awkward?" and I was like "sure" and he told me that he thought I was REALLY cute, &&i told him I thought he was cute too. and he's like "don't f*** with me" and I told him I wasn't, and he held my hand tighter, then like we were flirting and we held hands again the next day, and everything. so then my friend was texting him and was like do you like Kiley? and he's like "i think she's cute, but we prob wouldn't date. is there a way I can make it to were we do date? like later down the line?

and is there a way I can make him like me more?((:

i know, it sounds dumb. but ya know!:D


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  • Be honest with him on how you feel.

    Its so rare that women do that.

    There is probably a really slim chance that he's going to text your friend that he likes you.

    Keep that in mind.

    • what do you mean?

      &&i should just be upfront and tell him that

      i like him?

      you don't think he has figured it out?

      the next weekend, me and him made out, he was drunk,

      but the next day he was sober and we kissed alot,


      but I then found out that after

      we made out the night before, he went

      and made out with two other chicks, and f***ed some chick.

      we all know he's a player, but is there a way

      to change that?

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    • well, do you have any tips on how to get him to like me?


    • Hes feeding your friend a line, he doesn't mean that.

      He actually wants to date you. he likes you. He's at least sexually interested for sure.

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