Why would he continue looking at me if he rejected me?

he led me on and then moved on to flirting with other girls, why does he have the nerve to continue looking at me and stares deep into my eyes for like 2 minutes?


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  • You know, it sounds like this guy is a player, definitely. And sometimes, you get those players that continue to get off on getting to you like that because they KNOW you have feelings for them and that it's going to bug you. Even if he might have some kind of feelings for you, he's not doing anything to be with you and he needs to just stop.

    What you can do is just not pay attention to him. Don't give him the satisfaction of a reaction. The reason he doesn't stop doing it is because he can tell it's effecting you. As soon as you stop giving him this, it'll get old and he'll stop doing it. Good luck hun :)


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