Girls; I need to know what a girl would do to win a fight?...

A question for girls please...

I'm starting to worry about a competitive kick-boxing competition I have coming up against a girl, where strikes, such as kicks and knees, are allowed anywhere (it's mixed gender and 'no-rules' style).

I haven't thought about it too much recently, but the competition is coming up very soon and I'm worried that she might aim to kick or knee me in the balls as hard as she can, given the opportunity!

Although honesty is appreciated... I'm looking for girls to reassure me that a girl would be unlikely to do that, given the unbearable agony it would cause!

A girls perspective please... Do you think a girl would be likely to use that move...?

Thanks in advance... Genuine & honest thoughts please...

... Oh, and if she did, I'm hoping it would only be hard enough to win (not as hard as she can) and that she would feel guilty about doing it too?...
Resposes from girls who are into any kind of martial art would be ideal, as you would have an insight into the sport... But even the viewpoint of a girl who isn't would be great too...


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  • As someone who is into kickboxing I feel like I might be able to give some insight. I've watched a lot of girls fight and I think that unless she is some twisted sadist she probably won't intentionally go for a low-blow. It may happen accidentally which is always a possibility but I doubt she'd aim there.

    As far as fighting style, I think I can confidently say that she will try her best to kill you. ESPECIALLY if you land a good shot. I don't even know how many girls fights I've seen turn into slug fests. Girls fight like cornered pit bulls. It's also likely that she may hit harder then she would otherwise because she's fighting a guy.

    I don't know how much my answer will help you with your fight, but best of luck.

    • Thanks... Yeah, I don't mind her hitting as hard as she can and not feeling guilty... I just hope like you said, that she doesn't try to kick or knee me in the balls as hard as she can, because although it's allowed, it would obviously be a devastating and agonising winning strike! Thanks for your response... I'll let you know how it goes... :o)

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    • Well as for the competition I was competing against a girl in the final and going into the very last round I was winning on points, but I was so tired I ended up stood with my legs wide open, so she ran up and kicked me in the balls as hard as she could, right in front of my girlfriend sitting in the front row, which left me rolling around on the floor screaming in agony! Tell me Would you have done the same as her and would you have felt any guilt or concern for me?

    • Hi... Within the last 24 hours I've had problems accessing my account, so if you've tried replying to my last comment and not been able to, that may be why?... Otherwise, I hope to hear back from you! lol... :o)

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