What attracts women?

I am curious what makes a woman attracted to a man. Is it the smell, attitude, ability to handle stress, bed-side routine, first impression seems important, personality seems obvious ^-*

So, what're your thoughts Ladies and Gents?


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  • His personality, if he can make me laugh and if he can laugh at himself, his eyes, He doesn't have to be Hot if he knows how to use his eyes. If he can be a gentleman in front of people. It depends on the guy. If he's super hot but is a complete jerk I'm instantly turned off, but if he's too needy and clingy than that's also a turn off. Someone who can be romantic and the best friend.

    • What is your definition of clingy? Just curious!! And is needing affection bad, nd what is to much affection?

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    • Well yeah, wouldn't you tell the girl if she was too clingy?

    • I'm more passive - If a girl is clingy, I will accept it because if I really do like that girl - I am going to like everything about her.

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  • In my opinion, the first thing I notice is a guy's smile. He can be really ugly or really hot but if his smile isn't sincere then I don't even bother. Then I notice his style (unless he's at the gym or working) then manners, attitude, intelligence, his scent and how does he act around other females. Then the rest it depends on every guy, and what I find attractive about them.

    • *Being analytical and nit-picky here*

      Though you notice these things first - would you go for the hot guy or the ugly guy, and is intelligence a high-weighted factor for you? I'm trying to get feel for what your expectations are for a guy -- thanks in advance!

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    • Thank you :( *scribbles down ome notes* this was educational for me - thanks so much!!

    • You're welcome; I'm glad I could help :)

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