What do you want your guy to wear?

What kind of undies do you want your guy to wear, and do you want/like to wear his undies?

  • Tighty whities.
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  • Boxers "I love how they feel and look on him and me ;)".
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  • Boxer briefs.
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  • Nothing at all XD (commando).
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  • Something else or other, please leave a comment no matter which you chose.
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Lol, looks like some guy just wanted to see the results or forgot to leave a comment I hope he comes back with one. Also I should probably add, for you guys what do you prefer wearing.


Most Helpful Girl

  • Boxers, for sure! They just work the best on guys, I'd say.

    I also love snagging a pair of my guy's boxers to wear for myself every once in a while :P

    • Out of curiousity why do you like wearing his boxers? Aside from looking great in them I mean, and where all do you wear them, just around his place?

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    • Well actually, I like wearing any of my guy's clothes. For one, I love his smell. As for the boxers, he says I look cute in them. And I love knowing that he likes the way I look in his boxers.

      And yeah, I basically just wear them at his place.

    • @blufrenzy93 dont ruin his underwear with your period blood. lol

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What Girls Said 7

  • I am a big fan of boxer briefs only because it can show off a little bit of what the guy has and I find that hot! However, I am also a fan of boxers. Def not tighty whities or going commando (gross)

  • I go cammado and my guy does the same.

  • He wears boxers. I usually do wear his boxers, because they are so comfortable to walk around the house in, and colorfull. He has one that's Spongebob, and one that is a face, and when he whips out the "weapon of mass destruction" it looks like a long nose. ;)

  • boxers all the way!

    they're the best!

  • i agree with avarice.

    its a mutual thing:

    he looks good in them

    and so do I ;]

  • i love a guy that wears boxers =]

    very sexy

  • I want guys to wear shorts

    • "What kind of undies do you want your guy to wear, and do you want/like to wear his undies?" was actually an under wear related question.

What Guys Said 1

  • i wear tighty whities because they are comfortable nd I dnt like my junk all over the place

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