Can someone please help me?

The guy I like said that I'm too skinny for him. I'm 110lbs and I don't know what to do...Should I gain weight?

i mean to lose sorry...i just feel huge :(
i'm 5'5

I'm not dating him

i just like him..


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  • update: live for your own happiness, if he can't accept you for who you are then he's not worth your time.

  • Too huge for him? He obviously has some issues. Why would you GAIN weight if he already thinks you're too huge? Just stay away from him.


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  • If your too huge for him, may I ask why you would gain weight?

    And you should never have to change your appearence to get someone to like you so I think this guy is just shallow. My suggestion is either get him to accept you for who you are or just move on :)

    <3 xxxx

  • are you asking two separate questions? if you should gain weight and what to do about the guy? and 110 doesn't tell us anything without height. if your were 4 8 it would be kinda chubby. if you are 5 10 youd be real thin.

    Anyways dump the guy -fu*k him.

    • If YOU want to lose weight & you feel better that way that's your decision but do not do it for some guy. You don't sound like you want to lose weight, you sound like you don't want to feel bad. I say this because if you really wanted to lose weight youd just do it, you wouldn't stop to ask, so on some level you or your body recognizes you don't need to and you just need out encouragement not to. ill tell you I only see your face but you have a very theatrical presence you are very pretty and your-

    • Weight statistically speaking is very healthy. On the lean side, now I don't now if you are used to being lighter in which case you could fee huge even tho you are not by any standard. I would say if this weight is normal for you then you probably function better at it I e mentally emotionally physically. You don't want to do anything drastic & cut into your quality of life or your ability to participate in it. So be careful in w/e you choose to do. & please try to disregard useless disparaging comments

    • & at the risk of overstating the obvious, any guy or girl who would have someone risk their health emotional physical spiritual or what have you, is obviously not deserving of your heart your time or your acknowledgement on any level. its a obnoxious thing to say and it shows a total disregard for the well being of person he is talking to. He has no clue how you'll think of it- or how disturbing it might be.

      Hes certainly not someone you want to be with- you can do WAY better- take care :) :)

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