Hey guys...what do you think a women notices when she first meets you?

I'll tell you what I notice. =)


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  • Height, build, face and then wallet.

    • All of us aren't gold diggers believe it or not. thanks.

    • I don't go for a man's wallet. I make my own money...but I do need a guy who has a job. I don't want to support him, I'm not his mom lol.

    • Obviously you don't posess a humour bone.

  • The way he dresses. Style, looks? Am I right? help me be a chick magnet!

    • I notice the was he carries himself whe nhe walks into a room. I notice ( in order): style, body type, eyes, then hair. I'll tell you specifics if you tell me how I can help you to become a better chick magnet.

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    • I'd say keep your hair like it is because I think it looks hot, but if you do grow it out, don't grow it past the ears; fyi, most girls I know think the whole gangbanger thing is sexy. What kind'a girl are you look'n for anyway?

    • Has a job or school, doing something in life. Someone in my eyes that I find pretty. I love all types of woman and all races. Can take a joke, goofy I guess is the word. Likes sports so we can watch games together, or if she doesn't like sports at least leave me alone when the game is on lol. I like pretty feet. Painted nails, things that make a girl a girl.

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